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  Join this Empowering Community of Women that focus on Self-Love and Self-Development.

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Ready For Your own Revolution?
With RECONATION, you can have an escape, a safety net from your daily life A sisterhood to encourage and inspire you. 

It's Africa's first united community that seeks to uplift, that hopes to change the narrative and tell better stories about us as African, that seeks to reconnect our different countries and cultures into the One people that we are.

And this is now it's available to you too.

If you're reading this, congratulations!  You'll be one of the first to access what it's like to put yourself first and how a community can move you to make changes in your own life. 


how does it work?
Inspiration & Encouragement
This community will inspire & encourage you. We will hold your hand through your challenges and help you find your golden self again. Connect with other women from all over Africa. Make new friends.
Guidance & Support
Our focus is on Business & Career, Parenting, Mental Health and Self-Development, so we offer Expert advice in these areas, to help you navigate challenges around these specific areas that affect your life.
Book Club
With our book club, we focus on African authors and literature. We read books that gives us a better reflection of who we are as Africans. Through the book club we recognise and celebrate our African heros.
What are you waiting for?
YOU'VE TRIED TO PUSH YOURSELF ON YOUR OWN, AND ITS NOT WORKING. JOIN OUR MOVEMENT!  If you don't love it, you can opt out anytime!  Just enter your details below - hurry before we close this offer forever!
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